Word Of Victory

Word Of Victory Christian Ministries

Word Of Victory Christian Ministries started in 2004 by Pastor John and Sylvia Lutaaya.








The ministry began with a church plant and evangelism.







Today, the results of those evangelistic efforts are clear.  Many of those who were new believers at the beginning are now leaders in the church.  The church in Namatumba continues in it’s evangelistic efforts. Our vision for the future is bright!

Our Vision:

  • Continue evangelizing and planting churches, particularly in areas where there are none.
  • Build Christian schools in every county of Namatumba District and provide high-quality education
  • Expand our orphan ministry so that the church is caring for these in the most desperate of situations
  • Provide counseling and medical services to community, as well as Christian-based adult vocational schools to train people in computer, language skills, etc.
  • Open a Ministry Center with land, agricultural equipment, and buildings for income-generating projects for ministry, as well as provide training and jobs to the community